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The United Way of Central Jersey has taken our Census Outreach kiosks online! We have collected all of our favorite links to 2020 Census videos, infographics, curriculum materials, activities and crafts, and more. We have tons of resources that are perfect for learning while staying at home! Check out all of our fun stuff, and don't forget to count all your little ones on your census form!

If you have any questions about why it is important to include children on the census form, or about the materials below, please feel free to reach out to our Census Outreach Specialists by clicking here. They are available from 10:30-3:30 Monday through Friday, and are ready to connect you with the resources you need!
For questions about how to fill out the census form, click here for hotline numbers to the Census Bureau
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Census Videos

Count All Kids: The Annie E. Casey Foundation explains why its important to count all children in the 2020 Census
Make Your Family Count :60 | 2020 Census | Sesame Street: It only takes 10 minutes to support kids for the next 10 years! Call, return your form by mail, or go online to
2020 Census PSA: Every Moment Counts (:30): This PSA highlights the importance of including everyone in a household in the 2020 Census - including all children, extended family, and unrelated individuals.
Census "Count Me" Video with Adorable Kids!: Make sure all of New Jersey counts--even our youngest residents!
Getting An Accurate Count - 2020 Census: This fun, animated video builds on simple concepts like counting and school attendance roll calls to explain the 2020 Census and its importance.
Everyone Counts Singalong!: Use this singalong video to encourage young children to join in and learn the words to a fun song that will help them understand the 2020 Census and the importance of counting everyone. Appropriate for use by parents and teachers with preschool children and students in grades K-2


Census Activities

WeCount Storybooks: A Census Counting Book for Kids! 
  • An interactive, counting book with illustrations of diverse American families.
  • Portraits by different artists, each representing their own cultural heritage.   
  • Simple, clear, and comprehensive guidance on counting households for the census - including the complicated living arrangements that researchers have identified as most likely to confuse. 
  • An explanation of how Census 2020 data is used, and how families benefit from being counted.
  • An introduction to civic engagement: being seen, being counted, voting and organizing.
Census Preschool Curricula: Entertain and educate young children with a storybook, song, and interactive activities that involve counting and learning about their community. These resources—available in both English and Spanish—explain the 2020 Census and introduce children to the concept of data and the importance of numbers in a fun and simple way.
Statistics in Schools Coloring Pages: Everybody Counts! Download these coloring books for kids created for the 2010 Census in Schools program.  The coloring book is available in both English and Spanish.


Census Information

Support in 59 Languages: To help you answer the census, the U.S. Census Bureau provides translated web pages and guides in 59 non-English languages, including American Sign Language, as well as guides in braille and large print.
Census 2020 NJ Coalition: The Advocates for Children of New Jersey have created and compiled a huge amount of resources on the importance of counting young children in the 2020 census, including a comprehensive toolkit with a training manual, multiple PowerPoint presentations, flyers, handouts, social media posts, and more! Check out their timeline of important census events throughout NJ too. 
Friends and Family Toolkit: the NJ Friends and Family Census Outreach Project. It’s very basic and built on the notion of a phone tree. And it’s easily done from the comfort of your home. How does it work? – Ask at least five (5) friends, neighbors or family members to fill out their Census form. And then ask those who agree to call 5 of their friends and family members. And so on, and so on. The concept is in keeping with the idea that trusted voices will be the ones to convince others to fill out the Census. And who is more trusted than friends, neighbors or family members?riends, neighbors or family members?