VITA Tax Document Checklist


2020 VITA Income Tax Preparation Tax Document Checklist

(Income Guideline $65,000)



Completed Intake Form 13614-C


Signed Form 14446 Virtual VITA/TCE Taxpayer Consent (page 3 only)


Copy of your 2019 tax return


Photo ID such as Government/State/City/School ID issued (copy)


Social Security card or (ITIN letter) for all persons on the return (copy).


Health Insurance: Form 1095-A if covered through the Marketplace


Stimulus Payments received (first & second rounds) Provide letter or amounts.


Bring any IRS or State tax notices received




Wage and other Income statement(s) Forms W-2, W-2G,1099-MISC


Unemployment Income: 1099-G statement needed. Get online or from Unemployment office.


Self-employed Income (1099-NEC, 1099-K, 1099-MISC or Cash  (nature of business & related business expenses needed)


Pension Distributions / Income statements: Social Security, Form SSA-1099, Form 1099-R


Interest and dividends Income statements (1099-INT, 1099-DIV)


Alimony Income received


Other  Income: Lottery, state income tax refunds, scholarships/fellowships, prize/awards awards


  • Direct Deposit information needed for Savings & Checking A/C: Bank Name, Routing & Account numbers. Your fastest & safest way to receive your refund. Incentives for Savers. Must split your refund into both checking & savings. Savings Account required!


  • If you paid any EXPENSES below, please bring documentation:



Day Care or childcare expenses: Provider’s Name, Address and EIN # needed


Mortgage Interest and/or Property Tax statements: Form 1098


Business expenses (In scope for expenses under $35,000)


Alimony ( Name & SS# of spouse needed)


Rent paid in 2020 - Name must be on lease to claim property tax credit on NJ state return.


Medical expenses (out of pocket, unreimbursed)  – (List & total separately: health premiums paid, doctors & dentists, prescriptions, total medical miles)


Charitable donation statements (cash & checks) – (keep separate non-cash donations)


Higher Education expenses: 1098-T from college & a printout of student’s college account.


Student loan interest statement for interest paid (1098-E)


Misplaced/Lost documents: Please call the appropriate issuing agencies for duplicate copies.



  1. Only Form 1040’s Individual tax returns prepared, no partnership or corporate returns prepared.
  2. Self- Employment Income on 1099-NEC, 1099-MISC, 1099-K and/or Cash Income
  • Uber/Lyft, Doordash drivers or Small business owner- $34,999.00 is the maximum business expense deduction allowed with business income.  A business loss cannot be taken without business income. Taxpayers with a business loss, no business income, or expenses in excess of $34,999.00 must seek a Paid Preparer to maximize any refunds or limit tax liability.
  •  Vehicle Information needed: Year, make & model of vehicle.
  • Must have had only 1 business with no employees
  • Business home use deduction disallowed – even if part of the home was used in the business.
  • Depreciation and amortization deduction will not be taken
  • Only mileage expenses allowed, actual expenses are not permitted
  • Had no inventory at any time during the year.
  • Cash accounting method must have been used

     3. Rental Income: Out of Scope for VITA Programs, please seek a Paid Preparer

     4.  Non-Cash Charitable deduction, $500 maximum allowed when using the VITA Program


Married Filing Joint returns:

The signatures of both spouses are required on Form 8879, e-file authorization

Married Filing Separate returns:

Spouse’s Name, SSN and date of birth is required on the tax return to allow for e-file. Mailing instructions will be provided to taxpayers if not provided.

Health Insurance Coverage documentation is needed for NJ State, 1095-B or 1095-C

Income Guideline - $65,000 for all filing status whether Single, Married-Filing-Joint, Married-Filing-Separate, Qualifying Widow/er or Head of Household.

The VITA Program requires all returns, without exceptions to be electronically filed unless there is a valid reason to be determined by the VITA Preparer.

Please email for any questions on the above checklist.