COVID-19 UPDATE - Weekly visits from the Early Learning Specialist will be suspended until further notice. We are maintaining constant contact with the Family Child Care Providers in our program. We are providing adjusted resources and services to the family child care providers. If you are or know of a Family Child Care Provider that may be interested in learning more about the program, please register by calling 732-247-3727, ext. 217.

What is the United Way ParentChild+ Program?

 United Way’s ParentChild+ Family Child Care (FCC) program (formerly the Parent Child Home Program or PCHP) is a free professional development program designed to support home-based child care providers in their role of helping young children prepare for school and life success.  Educational specialists visit twice a week for 24 weeks to help train the provider in the program model and provide all materials, including books and educational toys.

How does ParentChild+ help support our community?

ParentChild+ has positively impacted the lives of children in at risk communities throughout its 53-year history. The benefits of the ParentChild+ program have been studied, with empirical evidence suggesting that it is effective in preparing children for school and improving performance on standardized tests. The positive effects continue through childhood into adolescence, with one study showing that ParentChild+ graduates from low income families have a 20-30% greater chance of graduating high school compared with their socioeconomic peers.

The FCC takes the ParentChild+ one on one model and tailors it to the needs of children in family day care settings who would not normally be able to take advantage of the program by training the provider.

I'm a Family Child Care Provider, how can I get more information about the program?

Details on the free 24-week training and how to apply may be found here.

 How can I support early childhood education through ParentChild+ in Middlesex County?

Individual donations and corporate sponsors play a huge role in supporting the ParentChild+ program. ParentChild+ program is supported in part by United Way's Christian C. Kjeldsen Fund for Children. When you direct your donation to the Fund you will be helping us to be able to work with more families in Middlesex County to ensure children are reading at grade level by third grade and on track to graduate from high school.