Nurse Family Partnership



COVID-19 UPDATE - The Nurse Family Partnership will continue services to clients. Visits will be completed via virtual methods such as Video Conferencing and/or Telehealth. If you are or know a first-time mom with low income who would benefit by participating in NFP, please call 732-247-3728.



The nationally acclaimed Nurse Family Partnership (NFP) which specifically targets low income, first time pregnant women, provides comprehensive parenting training and education along with a range of other supportive services from the twelfth week of pregnancy through the child's second birthday. The program, which consists of an intensive schedule of home visits by registered nurses, has proven successful in both the short and long term by ensuring that babies get a healthier start even before birth, by helping mothers take better care of themselves and by helping children grow to adolescence with fewer problem behaviors.
Recent program outcomes include:
Nurse mom and baby
  • 67% reduction in behavioral and intellectual problems by age 6
  • immunization rates for children in NFP increased by 19%
  • pre-term births decreased by 21%
  • A recent study of over 30,000 NFP families showed that pre-term births cost an average of $54,194 while a full time healthy birth averages $4,389 - a sigificant cost saving.
For more information about NFP please contact Cynthia Moorehead or call 732-247-3727, ext. 238. 
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