THANK YOU to Everyone Who Participated in UWCJ's June 21st Day of Action

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Each year United Way of Central Jersey conducts a summer food drive on June 21st as part of our global Day of Action. This year's drive, "Nourishing Young Minds by Feeding Young Bodies", addressed child food insecurity in Middlesex County.

Summer is normally the time of year when the shelves are empty at area food banks throughout our area. With the COVID-19 pandemic, lay-offs and furloughs, access to food is more critical than ever. One of the affects of the pandemic has been the rise in child food insecurity, from 10.2% pre-pandemic to the over 18%.

The successful summer food drive allowed us to provide a week's work of food for 50 families with children!

Thank you to everyone who participated in Nourishing Young Minds by Feeding Young Bodies.