Message from United Way Leadership

United Way of Central Jersey recently sent a message to our constituents regarding the events that have immersed our country in a critical social crisis. As if battling the COVID-19 pandemic was not enough, we have seen now the effects of injustice and inequality: people are saying enough is enough.

The pandemic has compromised the lives, health and financial stability of millions of people. Probably, you have been living through each day the best you can, concerned about your loved ones not getting sick, homeschooling your children, or maybe worrying about your family’s future in this unknown new environment.

We, at United Way of Central Jersey, have a dedicated Board, staff and volunteers putting our best foot forward to help you and the community we serve to carry this burden as best as possible. Within our mission of serving families of young-children, we live their needs every day.

Through our COVID-19 Recovery Fund, we have helped our neighbors like the mother of 3 young children who has lost her job cleaning offices. There’s the family of four where both parents lost their jobs due to pandemic related business restrictions, and the father who worked for a small business that closed when the owner passed away from COVID-19. The domestic violence survivor needing assistance for herself and her three children – each of these families, and more, were able to obtain help with rent and mortgage payments, utility bills and food.

These are our neighbors whose terrible situation we help mitigate through the support of caring people like you, who are concerned about social justice and inequality. Having the peace of mind that they will have a roof over their heads and food on their table is also part of what every human being deserves: to be treated with dignity, respect and equity regardless of race.

So today we invite you to turn your frustration or your hopelessness into action, a great way to reaffirm that we are in this together, to feel that we are in control, whatever comes our way, pandemic, social instability or the future of our children. If you need help, we are here for you, but if you can help others, then we encourage you to donate today to our COVID-19 Recovery Fund, so that you too can live United. You can also review opportunities for volunteering while social distancing.

Even a small donation makes the difference that turns around one life at a time, transforming our communities into the places our children need them to be – equitable, respectful and opportunity-filled for all.

With gratitude,

Lawrence P. O’Connell, Chief Volunteer Officer

Gloria Aftanski, President and Chief Professional Officer