India COVID – 19 Relief Fund

United Way of Central Jersey (UWCJ) has established an India COVID-19 Relief Fund to raise much needed financial support for the United Way of India to help battle this pandemic.

We are all aware of the devastation the second-wave of the COVID – 19 pandemic has brought to India. COVID-19 cases and deaths are skyrocketing, breaking world records with more than 350,000 cases reported per day. The death toll is overwhelming and is devastating the most vulnerable and marginalized populations: the homeless, poorly paid daily wage laborers and domestic workers. YOU CAN HELP.

The ‘UWCJ India Relief Fund’ will accept donations though May 31, 2021. Donations may be mailed to: UWCJ at 32 Ford Avenue, Milltown, NJ 08850 - or - by credit card by visiting this page . UWCJ will cover processing fees through the month of May so that 100% of all donations will be directed to the UWCJ India COVID – 19 Relief Fund.

Please don’t hesitate. Your help is urgently needed right now.