You Want to Help.

The American spirit of generosity and community is unique.  In the wake of the natural disasters in Texas, Florida, the Caribbean and Mexico, the horrific shooting in Las Vegas and the California wildfires, the outpouring of support has been immediate.  Your generosity is deeply appreciated by all who will benefit.

But the everyday tragedies that occur here in Central Jersey have not gone away.  Organizations like United Way and our community partners are still fighting for maternal and infant health, ensuring that our youngest residents get the best possible start in life.  Families still need affordable quality day care and pre-school to ensure that their children start school ready to learn and eventually graduate from high school on time.  People still need access to quality health care.  The shelves at the foodbank still need to be filled and safe shelter beds available for the local emergencies that occur in Middlesex County every day.

Once immediate disaster needs are met the relief organizations will by necessity move on to the next crisis.  Local United Ways will still be working in the community to help stabilize and rebuild lives for the long term.  We thank you for your support of our national and global community.  We know that we as Americans will continue to support each other in times of great need.  And we urge you, as you consider your philanthropic support, not to forget the needs in our own backyard.  Please continue to support the community through our local United Way of Central Jersey.