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ParentChild+ provides professional development to support home-based family child care providers in their role to prepare young children for success through educational books, toys, and activities.


A Program Designed for Family Child Care Providers

During the course of the program, an early learning specialist meets one-on-one with the child care providers, twice a week for 6 months, to demonstrate how best to utilize the provided educational books, toys, and art materials. 

Children in the care of PC+ family care providers will learn; 

  • vocabulary building
  • large and fine gross motor skills
  • social-emotional development
  • creative play!


Explore & practice in your own space

Becoming a PC+ family child care provider is easy. 

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Contact our PC+ director, Angie Acosta with any questions at (732) 247 - 3727 or


PC+ Makes the Grade!

Graduates of the PC+ program:
• start school performing 10 months above their age;           
• score 2.5 times higher in socio-emotional skills than their peers;
• outperform the statewide average on 3rd-grade math tests;
• have a high school graduation rate of 84%



PC+ graduates are 50% more likely to be prepared for kindergarten than their socio-economic peers.


PC+ graduates enter school performing 10 months above their chronological age.





PC+ graduates outperformed the statewide average on 3rd-grade math achievement tests.

ParentChild+ graduates are 50% less likely to need special education services by third grade.

ParentChild+ graduates scored 2 times higher on social-emotional skills than their peers.


ParentChild+ participants have 30% higher graduation rates than their peers.