Mentoring Mothers: Achieving Post-Secondary Schooling (MMAPS)

The Mentoring Mothers: Achieving Post-Secondary Schooling (MMAPS) college access project provides Nurse-Family Partnership (NFP) mothers with individual coaching to continue their educational and career paths.


MMAPS Leads NFP Moms to College

This program equips first-time mothers and their children with the knowledge and resources needed to thrive which include: 

  • creating a support system by strengthening relationships between mothers, college coaches, and future mentors
  • helping enhance opportunities for participants and their families
  • creating a plan for the mother's financial, educational, and career goals

Benefits and Insights of the MMAPS Program

Returning to School

Mothers who increase their education are 38% less likely to be unemployed by the time their children reach 5th grade than their peers who don’t.

Generational Change

A child raised in poverty is more likely to stay in poverty as an adult, complete fewer years of school, rely on food assistance, and suffer from poor health.

Financial Stability

It is estimated that 6 out of 10 jobs require some college education. Completing a degree or certification can increase the likelihood of finding a sustainable and rewarding career.