Mentoring NFP Mothers for College (MMAPS)

MMAPS with Woman Dressed in College Graduation Robe

Mentoring Mothers: Achieving Post-Secondary Schooling for First Time Mothers in Nurse Family Partnership (MMAPS)

A project generously supported by the New Jersey Office of Faith Based Initiatives


The Mentoring Mothers: Achieving Post-Secondary Schooling for First Time Mothers in Nurse-Family Partnership (MMAPS) college access project is designed to serve the mothers in our Nurse-Family Partnership (NFP) Program to provide them with individually tailored foundational support to continue their educational and career paths.

This project braids into the traditional curriculum of the NFP Program, and strengthens our two-generational theory of change to simultaneously equip first-time mothers and their children with the knowledge and resources they need to thrive.

MMAPS involves a combination of coaching, group work, and mentorship opportunities, supported by our Women United volunteers to ensure the project has long term sustainability. 

Our goal is to strengthen relationships between mothers, college coaches and future mentors to create a support system to guide participants through their aspirations for their own and their family’s futures, setting educational and career goals and encouraging future success.

We are so amazed by the achievements of the mothers in our NFP program, and are ecstatic to have this opportunity to support them as they continue to grow as mothers, and as individuals!

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MothersConnect Program Detailed Overview

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